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洛桑大学 - SAF 全奖本科生暑假研究项目
UNIL-SAF Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Program

Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) is proudly launching the UNIL Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Program within SAF member universities. The UNIL SUR program is offered by the School of Biology of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne. This unique program enables all the accepted biology, life sciences or medicine majored students with a great opportunity to:
SAF 海外学习基金会在 SAF 会员大学内推出 SUR 项目。SUR 项目是由洛桑大学生物和生 物医学院提供。生物、生命科学、医学专业的学生通过此项目可以有机会:
  • Research into the unknown in the laboratory;
  • Have a research scientist as the mentor;
  • Join the seminars and learn the presentation skills for research projects;
  • Learn from senior researchers on their research topics and career path;
  • Get advices from faculty members on the PhD studies opportunities;
  • Get full financial support from UNIL and SAF during the program;
  • Make friends and communicate with students from divers cultural and academic backgrounds;
  • Experience the campus life of world-class university;
  • Live in Lausanne;
  • 在实验室对未知领域探索和研究
  • 由科学家进行指导
  • 参加讲座并学习进行就科研项目演说的演讲技巧
  • 从师于资深科研人员,了解他们的研究课题以及职业发展道路
  • 从院系老师处获得申请博士研究生的建议和指导
  • 从 UNIL 和 SAF 处获得经济支持
  • 和来自不同国家地区的学生交流获取不同文化和学术知识
  • 体验世界级大学的校园生活
  • 在瑞士洛桑生活
Part I. Program description 项目简介
Items Description
Target Students
Biology, life sciences or medicine majored students who are at the end of their second or third year in their undergraduate studies. 20-25 places available to applicants from various countries.
生物、生命科学、医学专业大二、大三年级的学生。全球共 20-25 个名额。
Program Period
July 6th ~ August 27th, 2015
2015 7 6 日至 8 27
Program Content
  1. Laboratory research mentored by a research scientist
  2. Shared academic activities amongst SUR participants or with participants of the sister program at the School of Life Sciences of EPFL once a week. The activities include but are not limited to research presentation introductory, seminars on research topics or career path or information session on PhD studies.
    每周一次在学院内,SUR 项目参与者之间或和瑞士理工学院的姊妹项目参与者分享学术成果、讨论职业发展及 博士研究机会等各种活动
  3. Presentation in a shared symposium between EPFL and UNIL and a final report.
Working Language
Arranged by the program for non-local participants
1. UNIL Scholarship UNIL 奖学金
A scholarship towards tuition costs and living expenses is awarded to all selected participants, which covers the following cost:
  • Housing for the duration of the program;
  • Living expenses;
  • Tuition costs
Limited funds are available to cover justified travel costs (receipts required) as well as excursions and social events.
  • 项目期间的住宿费
  • 生活费
  • 学费
  • 小额旅行费用及学生活动费用也可申请报销(需收据)。
2. SAF Travel Grant SAF 旅行津贴
Two travel grants, valued at USD500 each grant, will be endorsed to the top two students from SAF member universities who are admitted into the SUR program.
SAF 会为两名被该项目录取的 SAF 会员大学学生提供每人500 美元的旅行津贴。

Part II. Studying in the University of Lausanne and Living in Lausanne 在洛桑生活和学习

University of Lausanne (UNIL) was founded in 1573, and nowadays the university is a comprehensive university which compromises 7 faculties with altogether 11,000 students and 2,600 researchers. The UNIL is very active in research and teaching. All professors are researchers, and students immediately benefit from the latest development of their research. The UNIL is especially strong in Finance, Law and Criminal Justice; Biology and Medicine (FBM); Geosciences and Environment (GSE).
瑞士洛桑大学成立于 1573 年,现已成为拥有 7 个学院 11000 名学生和 2600 名研究员的综合性大学。洛桑大学致力于研究和教育。所有的教 授都是研究员,学生可以第一时间在他们所在的研究领域获得最新的研究动态。洛桑大学的强势专业是经济、法律、司法犯罪、生物医药和地理环境。

The UNIL campus is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. The spectacular scenery with views of the Alps and the lake make it an ideal place for researching, studying and living.
洛桑大学坐落于日内瓦湖畔,远眺阿尔卑斯山。山光湖色使得洛桑大学成为研究、学习 和生活的绝佳之地。

Lausanne is a city residing in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, situated on the shore of Lake Geneva. The city is famous for its long tradition of fostering intellectual and cultural innovation. Apart from the University of Lausanne, the Federal Institute of Technology, hundreds of language schools and private academies, Lausanne is also the home of the International Olympic Committee, the Court of Arbitration for Sport and many multinational companies.
洛桑坐落于瑞士日内瓦湖沿岸的法语地区。洛桑是一座古都,城市的历史源远流长,整 个城市充满着浓厚的文化艺术气氛。除了洛桑大学以外,这里有联邦理工学院、酒店学 校、国际学校,以及各种学院。国际奥林匹克委员会总部也在洛桑,同时还有体育总裁 法院和很多跨国公司。

Part III. Application Guidelines
Items Description
Application Deadline
Jan. 15, 2015
2015 年 1 月 15 日
Application Requirements
  • GPA: 3.75/4.0, or top 5% class ranking
  • TOEFL 80; IELTS 6.5
  • Year 2 students or above 大二年级及以上 (在生命科学,生物或者医学领域专业的学习)
Application Materials
UNIL SUR Program Application UNIL 本科生暑假研究项目申请
  • Application form
  • One copy of university transcripts
  • Recommendation Letter
    2 份老师推荐信(请使用推荐信模板)
    请同学于 2015年1月15日 (不是模板中要求的1月31日)前填写完毕并发送给 SAF (不是模板中邮箱地址)
  • Scanned copy of TOEFL/IELTS is also strongly suggested to be provided
SAF Travel Grant Application SAF 旅行津贴申请 All the application materials shall be emailed to SAF China by Jan. 15, 2015 according to the requirements. 所有申请材料需根据要求于2015年1月15日前电邮至SAF国际项目中国办公室。
Contact Please contact SAF country offices if you have any question.
如有任何问题,欢迎联系 SAF 国际项目中国办公室。

SAF China SAF 国际项目中国办公室
  • Beijing Office 北京办公室
    朝阳区大屯路222号 一瓶四合院 1号楼1201
    电话: +86-(0)10-8485-6337 / 8446-8398
    电邮: china@studyabroadfoundation.org

  • Shanghai Office 上海办公室
    上海交暨路 185 2 号楼 B203
    电话 : +86-(0)21-6609-9956 / 6609-9952
    电邮: china@studyabroadfoundation.org

  • Guangzhou Office 广州办公室
    广州市荔湾区西湾路 149 号财富公馆 B2 1912
    电话 :  020-81533167 / 81535632
    电邮: china@studyabroadfoundation.org
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